Fight the Plague 2018
Dürer Kert
Machine Messiah Tour 2018
6:00pm 25/02,
Barba Negra
Amenra, Boris
A38 Hajó
Winter Assault Tour 2018
8:00pm 01/03,
Dürer Kert
Mutilated And Assimilated Tour 2018
8:00pm 06/03,
Dürer Kert
Slow Death European Tour 2018
Dürer Kert
Total Metal Over Europe - Haeresis Tour
Dürer Kert - Kisterem
European Justice Tour 2018
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Curling Flame Over Europe Tour
Supersonic - Blue Hell & Kvlt
Satyricon, Suicidal Angels
8:00pm 20/03,
Dürer Kert
Insomnium - Winter's Gate European Tour Part 2
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Cannabis Corpse, Gutted, Kill With Hate
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Blood Stained Earth Tour
Barba Negra
Kingmaker European Tour 2018
8:00pm 29/03,
A38 Hajó
Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2018
2:00pm 31/03,
Backstage München
Atoma European Tour 2018
Barba Negra
Furia, Uada, Au-Dessus
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Metallica - WorldWired Tour
Omni World Tour 2018
6:00pm 10/04,
Barba Negra
Bell Witch, Aerial Ruin
A38 Hajó - Kilátótér
Ne Obliviscaris - Urn European Tour 2018
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Catharsis World Tour 2018
Barba Negra
Tormentor: Anno Domini XXX
A38 Hajó
Heathen Crusade 2018
Barba Negra
Grind Over Europe Tour II
Dürer Kert - Room 041
The Dead Daisies, The New Roses
Barba Negra Track
America's LEAST Wanted 25
8:00pm 29/04,
Barba Negra Track
Path To Glory European Tour 2018
Barba Negra Track
Bullet, Screamer, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Nova Rock Festival 2018
Pannonia Fields
Facebookra vele! 12:21pm 27/04/2009, godfucked ^^
Brutal Assault 2009
Brutal Assault Festival vol. 14 is coming! Check out the Czech prime metal meeting, this time with such bands as so far confirmed Immortal, Opeth, Testament, Brujeria, Dark Funeral, Madball, Walls of Jericho and many others! The festival takes place in unique Old Army Fortress in Jaromer (130km from Prague) in the Czech Republic.
After the last year’s successful edition, which was visited by 13 000 metalheads from all over the world, the next volume is coming and promises next impressive experiences. From year to year the festival’s program is more and more attractive and promises more and more well-known metal crowd-pullers for all fans of various extremely musical genres.
The festival takes place in unique festival ground in Jaromer, in the Old Army Fortress called Josefov. Imagine musical festival to be held at an old army fortress! This place has a huge history and unique atmosphere. There are many parts of the fortress and one of courtyard will be used as the festival ground. The fortress was built 1780 - 1789 for the Emperor Josef II. It comprises ramparts (in the form of octagonal bastions), extensive casemates (to a length of some 45km, of which 5km are open to the public), the headquarters building, a hospital, barracks, the armory, the Church of the Ascension and houses. Jaromer is situated 130 km east of Prague, 20km north from Hradec Kralove.
As usual, at the festival are gonna be more than 60 bands from all over the world! Check the actual line-up (in alphabetical order):

Tickets available in presale for only 45 EUR for 3 orgasmic days! Ticket at the door is for 54 EUR. For more info regarding tickets visit our official websites: http://brutalassault.cz/en/tickets/.
The festival is starting on Thursday, August 06, 2009 at 3pm. Camping and parking nearby the festival ground is free of charge, open on Wednesday, Aug 05, 2009.
or get in touch with us : infoassault (at) centrum (dot) cz or call directly hotline +00420774220183.

Facebookra vele! 11:30am 13/03/2009, haragSICK ^^

We are celebrating the official re-release of WHOURKR’s first album "Naät" on Suprachaotic Records with a new track, AND we’re signing on Crucial Blast Records for our second album "Concrete", release to come in September 2009! Furthermore we're looking for concerts at the moment, spread the word!

You may listen to the new track “Kruma” on our page here: www.myspace.com/whourkr

All the best,

-i snor & Igorrr (for WHOURKR)
zNo interview
Interview, haragSICK @ 7:07pm 23/04/2009
Absurity interview
Interview, haragSICK @ 8:47pm 03/04/2009
Whourkr - Naät (2007)
Review, haragSICK @ 5:59pm 23/11/2008
Whourkr - Concrete (2008)
Review, haragSICK @ 2:11pm 22/11/2008
Whourkr Interview
Interview, haragSICK @ 8:38pm 18/10/2008
Facebookra vele! 2:53pm 08/03/2009, 9000Sanyi ^^
Swedish "art rockers" Cult Of Luna have posted a video clip (see below) for the song "Adrift", taken from their forthcoming DVD, "Fire Was Born".

Due to "technical problems at the pressing plant," the release date of "Fire Was Born" has been pushed back to April 27 (via Earache Records) from the previously announced March 23. Along with an epic live show recorded on July 1, 2008 at Scala in London, England, the disc — which was mixed, edited and designed by the band — will feature footage of Johannes Persson (guitar) and Anders Teglund (keyboards) answering questions from fans all around the world and the videos for "The Watchtower", "Leave Me Here" and "Back To Chapel Town".

A teaser for the DVD can be viewed below.

Cult Of Luna's latest album, "Eternal Kingdom", is based on an actual journal found in an old mental home. The CD takes listeners on a weird and wonderful journey through the mind of a former patient as he tells the tale of how his wife came to be murdered, and of the mythical creatures he claims to have encountered during the time of the harrowing event.

Facebookra vele! 4:11pm 10/02/2009, godfucked ^^
Satellite - new tracks available on MyspaceAs previously announced Satellite’s forthcoming album will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 23rd February 2009 in Europe / 10th March 2008 in USA (via MVD). New material entitled “Nostalgia” is the follow up to the highly acclaimed album “Into The Night” from 2007. As the band claims, it's their fourth and most mature offering. Most of the album was recorded in Wojtek Szadkowski’s home studio. He is also responsible for the music and lyrics for "Nostalgia". The album features 7 atmospheric compositions, full of beautiful arrangements with subtle yet powerful sounds. The music offered on the new album is a combination of the sound of the 70’s with the modern 21st century sound. The lyrics relate to each other in a loose manner - they're about coming to terms with the past, about the need for a change, starting anew, distancing oneself to one's own past. At the same time, ironically, the music on "Nostalgia" manifests a longing for the mood of the 70's and 80's.

To make the waiting a little bit shorter Satellite put samples of the new album on their profile on Myspace

Neo progressive rock band Satellite was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski, who wrote and co-wrote nearly all of Collage's music and lyrics. It was meant to be only Wojtek's solo-project but soon became a real band. They’ve released three studio albums so far (2003 "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset", 2005 "Evening Games", 2007 "Into The Night" plus a DVD "Evening Dreams" (2005). Their fourth studio album “Nostalgia” will be available two formats: standard CD and limited edition digipak with 2 bonus tracks.


Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0658
Barcode: 5907785034372
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0659 DG (ltd. CD Digipak)
Barcode: 5907785034389 (ltd. CD Digipak)
Format: CD / CD DG
Genre: neo prog rock
Release date: 23.02.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA


1. Every desert got its ocean
2. Repaint the sky
3. Afraid of what we say
4. I want you to know
5. Over horizon
6. Am I losing touch?
7. Is it over?

Bonus tracks (only available on a ltd. CD digipak)

8. The color of the rain
9. Relaxed

Facebookra vele! 11:36pm 18/01/2009, godfucked ^^
DöG out now!
DÖG is a relatively new project started by Blizzard of Vorkuta and Vorgrov of Marblebog over the last year and together they have created maniacal hymns of pure evil genius black thrash! No need to cite influences, if you like metal in it's purest form you can't possibly dislike DöG. "Ancient Crypt Metal" is the first pro release and hopefully the 1st release in a long line of corrupt blackened thrash attacks from DöG. This is an entirely pro release complete with a 4 page booklet and marks the first release in a series of 3" CDs from Autopsy Kitchen.
Facebookra vele! 4:44pm 07/01/2009, godfucked ^^
Amanda Somerville on HDKBeside After Forever's Sander Gommans, there are other famous musicians hiding in HDK's shadow... More that just a guest star and actively teaming up with Sander, enters vocalist extraordinaire Amanda Somerville, renowned for her work with Edguy, Avantasia, Aina and other notorious metal acts.
Here is Amanda's statement about her participation to HDK's debut album "System Overload":
"HDK is by far the most intense album I've ever worked on. I'm mostly referring to the style of music, but I also got very drawn into it emotionally with the writing and performing. We pushed everything to the limit! Sander has been a good friend since I worked with him for the first time on After Forever's "Invisible Circles" album, so it was an instant "yes" answer he got from me when he asked if I'd co-write some songs with him for his new project. Those "some songs" turned into an entire album, and what an album it is!
"Sander had a lot of ideas for the lyrical content of the songs and for some vocal melodies when we started. There were a lot of subjects that had inspired the music he'd composed and he wanted to express those themes and feelings more thoroughly in the lyrics, so that's what I did. He had most of the music done by the time I came in to write lyrics and vocal melodies, but some things developed as we went along and inspiration struck. Come to find out, we share opinions on many of the issues he brought up and have had many similar experiences, plus I find it rather easy to play the chameleon in terms of getting into an emotion and making it my own, so it worked out great. I feel that the songs are just as much mine as he feels they're his, which is how it should be with the writers of an album that is as emotionally loaded as this one is, in my opinion. Otherwise, what the hell's the point, honestly? To top it all off, we're both the same type of crazy, so we had a lot of fun in the process!
"I'm really proud of the way "System Overload" turned out. It was an honor to work with the amazing musicians featured on the album and Sander is an incredible multi-talent and inspiration. It was all certainly a challenge that resulted in pushing my boundaries and learning new things, which I love. Since writing and recording this, I feel for the first time that I've truly stepped into the metal world, even after all the work I'd done in the scene prior to HDK. With this album, I no longer feel that I'm the "non-metal metal girl." Bring it on. ;-)"
Facebookra vele! 4:27pm 07/01/2009, godfucked ^^
Dark Heart for the first time on a CD!Metal Mind Productions presents the first CD release of the debut album by Dark Heart – “Shadow Of The Night”.
Dark Heart are one of the many bands that sprung out during the golden years of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. Their recipe for success was simple – keep it fast, keep it melodic and keep it rockin’! Their album “Shadow of the Night” followed that exact pattern and proved to be a solid heavy metal release, delivering powerful riffs, sharp solos, intense drumming and melodic vocals – all the necessary ingredients for a NWOBHM classic.
The history of Dark Heart started in 1983 in Northallerton, England, after the disbandment of another heavy metal formation – Tokyo Rose. Some members of that band decided to go into a slightly different direction and start anew. Thus Dark Heart was formed, consisting of the following musicians: Alan Clark (guitar), Colin Bell (bass), Phil Brown (vocals), Steve Small (guitar) and Ian Thompson (drums). The band almost immediately got signed to Roadrunner Records and started working on their debut release at the acclaimed Guardian Studios in Durham, England. “Shadow of the Night” hit the stores in September 1984, bringing a powerful dose of Diamond Head-influenced heavy metal. All of the nine tracks included on the album contain the pure essence of NWOBHM, making the LP a true sign of its times. The highlight here are definitely the occult-inspired “Don’t Break the Circle”, the straight-forward rocker “Giving It All For Love” and the brilliant “Dangerous Games”. But Dark Heart was not afraid to go a bit off the rails with their music, for instance with the instrumental blues-rock intro to the track “Shout It Out” or the semi-ballad “Turn The Tide”. To put it simple - “Shadow of the Night” delivered a handful of excellent ideas wrapped in a 100% heavy metal package! Dark Heart eventually turned out to be a 1-album band, but their effort was not fruitless. “Shadow of the Night” to this day remains a valuable addition to every heavy music enthusiast’s collection, delivering a prime slice of NWOBHM musicianship.
New digipak edition is limited to numbered 1000 copies and digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc. Metal Mind Productions will release the album on 19th January in Europe and 10th March in USA (via MVD).

Dark Heart - “Shadows Of The Night” (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1251 DG
Barcode: 5907785034051
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 1000 numbered copies)
Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M.
Release date: 19.01.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA

1.Shadows of the Night
2.Dangerous Games
3.No Time For Turning
5.Don't Break The Circle
6.Shout It Out
7.Giving It All For Love
8.Coming Home
9.Turn of the Tide

Facebookra vele! 5:10pm 19/12/2008, godfucked ^^
Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the first edition of the progressive rock festival - Progrock 2009. Katowice slowly becomes the most important mark on the map of the current progressive rock scene in Poland. The fantastic stage at the Wyspianski Theatre has witnessed live shows of many important bands like Pendragon, Credo, Final Conflict, SBB, Satellite, Arena, Landmarq, Galahad, Caamora… The shows at the theatre are acquireing a cult status among the fans of progressive rock, but also among the Artists themselves - the Wyspianski Theatre turned out to be not only a convenient place for such shows but also a very atmospheric, magical place. There will be another chance to prove it in February 2009 during the two day’s Festival – Progrock 2009.
The bands to appear at the festival are: SBB (PL), Shadowland (UK), Tinyfish (UK), RPWL (DE), Overhead (FI), DeeExpus (UK)


A legend of Polish music scene. The band returns with a new studio album entitled “Iron Curtain” on 26th January 2009. SBB, comprised of the phenomenal composer Józef Skrzek, the excellent guitarist Apostolis Anthimos and the flawless drummer Gabor Nemeth, plans to support the release with a tour with its final show at the Wyspiañski Theatre!
Facebookra vele! 5:34pm 18/12/2008, godfucked ^^
Firebox Metal Fest 2009 - http://www.fmf.fi
Time: 17-18. April 2009
Place: Rytmikorjaamo - http://www.rytmikorjaamo.fi/
City: Seinäjoki - http://www.seinajoki.fi/
Country: Finland - http://virtual.finland.fi/

New confirmed bands:
The masters of Finnish death metal SOTAJUMALA (Woodcut Records) and Swedish death metallers gone moody KATATONIA (Peaceville) are the latest confirmed bands to second Firebox Metal Fest.

The girls from Rock Models will also deliver shows during the fest.

Previously confirmed bands:
Evoken (Usa, I Hate Records)
Forgotten Tomb (Italy, Avantgarde Music)
Shining (Sweden, Osmose Productions)
The Eternal (Australia, Firebox Records)

Next bands to be confirmed in January, when also the ticket sales will start.
Facebookra vele! 3:19pm 10/12/2008, godfucked ^^
Satellite - cover art of \Progressive rock band Satellite revealed the cover artwork of their forthcoming album - "Nostalgia". The artwork was designed by the young artist – Trine. “Nostalgia”, the follow up to the highly acclaimed album “Into The Night”, will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 23rd February 2009 in Europe / 10th March 2009 in USA (via MVD). The release will also be available in a limited edition digipak with bonus tracks.
Satellite was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski, who wrote and co-wrote nearly all of Collage's music and lyrics. It was meant to be only Wojtek's solo-project but soon became a real band. They’ve released three studio albums so far (2003 "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset", 2005 "Evening Games", 2007 "Into The Night") plus a DVD "Evening Dreams" (2005).
Facebookra vele! 09:29am 10/12/2008, godfucked ^^
I. The Exorcising the Funereal Tour aftermath
Pantheist have now returned home after a hugely fruitful tour with Skepticism and Ophis which took them across mainland Europe, with the band gracing for the first time countries such as Slovakia, as well as new venues in familiar countries (for example a church in Belgium). Pictures and other artefacts from the 'Exorcising the Funereal' tour have been added to the website and myspace site of the band.

II. Journey Through Lands Unknown released and available by the band
The 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' album is now officially released. Available via Firebox, Lethal Conflict, Plastichead, Play.com etc. It can also be bought from the band for the price of 12 euro (flat fee for world) using paypal, just follow the instructions on the myspace site and our official website.

III.T-shirts coming soon
We are aware that some of you have been expecting new shirts since the 'Exorcising the Funereal' shirts have all been sold out in the tour. We have tried to make this happen in December, but unfortunately our financial situation after the tour (and with the familiar end-of-year festivities coming up...) hasn't made this possible. We apologize for the delay and promise that we have set ourselves a target to have new shirts ready by February. The idea is to create a multicolour design this time, something we haven't done since the 'Curse the Morning Light' shirts back in 2003!

IV. O Solitude reissue
There are plans to re-release our debut album O Solitude, which has been sold out for a while, in 2009 with completely new artwork. We will keep you informed through the website. Furthermore, we are currently in negotiations with Firebox records to have all our albums released on vinyl over the next two years. We will be keeping you informed about the progress on this.

V. Live gigs: UK and Finland
Although no specific dates have been booked yet, there are plans to play 3 gigs in Finland around the end of May. More information will be provided as soon as we can confirm venues. We are also currently looking into playing more UK gigs, any interested promoters can get in touch by email.

1. ... 6. 7. 8. 9.
8:05pm 03/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
I discussed with Markus Freiwald about the long-time giga band...
Voodoocult interview
10:16pm 01/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
 ...and coming the darkness...Aenaon & Satanochio - A Parallel Toetrope [split] (2010)
7:57pm 30/04/2011, haragSICK ^^
Did, die... Die & deep...Aenaon - Phenomenon [EP] (2009)
09:24am 26/04/2011, haragSICK ^^
Asked-Questions ...Infer interview!
09:21am 20/03/2011, haragSICK ^^
Depth and height ... unite!Anabioz - ...To Light (2010)
8:51pm 19/03/2011, godfucked ^^
An untypical interview with Davidov and Dahan of the israeli Sonne Adam band
Sonne Adam interview
3:18pm 19/02/2011, haragSICK ^^
Post mortem discussion of the remaining past...Such A Surge interview!
5:37pm 15/02/2011, haragSICK ^^
Modern and aggressive metal in the Eastern Bloc ...Terror Inside - Sumerki Razuma (2009)
6:32pm 04/02/2011, haragSICK ^^
Elementary school pressed combustion explosive tank ...General Chaos interview!
12:49am 02/02/2011, haragSICK ^^
German tanks and tortured sluts in front of the destroyed bar...General Chaos - Calamity Circus (2010)
4:39pm 29/01/2011, haragSICK ^^
Lexicon of sex toys ...NoFuck - Existenzminimum (2007)
11:35am 14/01/2011, haragSICK ^^
 Silent and death...My Silent Wake interview!
12:33am 09/12/2010, godfucked ^^
Anneke van Giersbergen was lead singer of The Gathering for almost 15 years, now she is involved in her solo project Agua de Annique. We interviewed her on 29th of november on A38 before her show.
Anneke van Giersbergen
12:34pm 28/11/2010, haragSICK ^^
Destroy and hate...
Debt of Nature interview!
5:08pm 24/10/2010, haragSICK ^^
I had a Klimorh talk...
Non Opus Dei interview!
11:54pm 16/10/2010, haragSICK ^^
Who are into russian doom stuffs, to those this split will be an ultimate win...
Evoke Thy Lords & Riders on the Bones - Twoface [Split] (2009)
8:36pm 05/10/2010, godfucked ^^
Festivalreview, our story of Obscene Extreme 2010...
Obscene Extreme 2010
05:27am 16/09/2010, haragSICK ^^
The noisy, a little bit death metal-related music...
Glaukom Synod - The unspeakable horror [Demo CDr] (2010)
4:07pm 18/08/2010, haragSICK ^^
Nightmares and everything that is behind them...
Evoke Thy Lords - Escape to the Dreamlands (2008)
3:08pm 01/08/2010, haragSICK ^^
Back from the cosmos...
Antares Predator interview!
7:46pm 16/02/2010, haragSICK ^^
I have already sent the questions to the Holland experimental black metal band...
Control Human Delete interview
12:53am 06/12/2009, haragSICK ^^
I had a Francesco D'Adamo talk ...Murder Therapy interview!
7:24pm 05/12/2009, haragSICK ^^
Alex Pope did give the emphasis...Runis interview!
7:50pm 03/12/2009, godfucked ^^
This phoner interview was done with Agnete M. Kirkevaag, vocalist of the norwegian Madder Mortem band, in the middle of the summer.
Madder Mortem
01:57am 29/11/2009, haragSICK ^^
I had a talk Corny Althammer...Dead Eyed Sleeper interview!
12:19am 28/11/2009, haragSICK ^^
A little Markus Baltes talking...Sidewaytown interview!
11:01pm 20/11/2009, haragSICK ^^
...the gloomy stonebuilding an incongruous larva...Persistense - In Blood And Heart (2009)
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