Fight the Plague 2018
Dürer Kert
Machine Messiah Tour 2018
6:00pm 25/02,
Barba Negra
Amenra, Boris
A38 Hajó
Winter Assault Tour 2018
8:00pm 01/03,
Dürer Kert
Mutilated And Assimilated Tour 2018
8:00pm 06/03,
Dürer Kert
Slow Death European Tour 2018
Dürer Kert
Total Metal Over Europe - Haeresis Tour
Dürer Kert - Kisterem
European Justice Tour 2018
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Curling Flame Over Europe Tour
Supersonic - Blue Hell & Kvlt
Satyricon, Suicidal Angels
8:00pm 20/03,
Dürer Kert
Insomnium - Winter's Gate European Tour Part 2
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Cannabis Corpse, Gutted, Kill With Hate
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Blood Stained Earth Tour
Barba Negra
Kingmaker European Tour 2018
8:00pm 29/03,
A38 Hajó
Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2018
2:00pm 31/03,
Backstage München
Atoma European Tour 2018
Barba Negra
Furia, Uada, Au-Dessus
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Metallica - WorldWired Tour
Omni World Tour 2018
6:00pm 10/04,
Barba Negra
Bell Witch, Aerial Ruin
A38 Hajó - Kilátótér
Ne Obliviscaris - Urn European Tour 2018
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Catharsis World Tour 2018
Barba Negra
Tormentor: Anno Domini XXX
A38 Hajó
Heathen Crusade 2018
Barba Negra
Grind Over Europe Tour II
Dürer Kert - Room 041
The Dead Daisies, The New Roses
Barba Negra Track
America's LEAST Wanted 25
8:00pm 29/04,
Barba Negra Track
Path To Glory European Tour 2018
Barba Negra Track
Bullet, Screamer, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Nova Rock Festival 2018
Pannonia Fields
Facebookra vele! 10:43am 01/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Necrophobic increase its legion
Necrophobic is from now on a 5 piece strong legion! During 2008 the band did a number of shows as a 5 piece with Erik Danielsson (Watain) as a session member. This made Necrophobic come to think of continue on a new path and develop the live performances as the new live impression was much better. Necrophobic is now proud to present the new bass player, Alex Friberg, 26. He possesses demonical skills on the bass and fits the band perfect both musically and mentally.
Q: How does it feel to be the "new" warrior in such a long running band?
Alex: I'm very honered and proud to be fully trusted with this task.
Q: What can you tell us about your background?
Alex: I have listened to metal for as long as I can remember, and picked up the bass giutar at the age of 10. I have played with numberus of bands, but it was all a warm-up for Necrophobic, hehe..
Q: What are your feelings towards the new material for the upcoming album?
Alex: Total destruction! Also a total killer for me to be a part of the making process in an early stage.
Facebookra vele! 2:35pm 31/10/2008, godfucked ^^
A video of Tom recording a guest solo for Architect, the international project featuring Gus Monsanto (ex-Adagio), Joost van de Broek (After Forever, Ayreon etc.) has been posted on YouTube. Check it out:

NB. This may or may not be the take used on the final recording.
Facebookra vele! 12:34pm 31/10/2008, godfucked ^^
Dark the Suns single on the charts
Dark the Suns' The Dead End EP hit the 16th place on the Official Finnish Singles Chart on its first sales week! The band have started to record their second full-lenght album, All Ends in Silence. The album will be released in the beginning of 2009 by Firebox Records. The band are now recording the guitars and keyboards in their own homestudio. While from 7th of November onwards the band will record vocals, bass and drums at Studio Watercastle. This album is also going to be mixed in Studio Watercastle as well.
Facebookra vele! 11:17am 30/10/2008, godfucked ^^
Opprobrium is back again!Legendary Death/thrash metal masters Opprobrium (formerly known as Incubus from Louisiana, USA) is back again with their brand new album "Mandatory Evac" (2008), their follow up new album in 8 years, after "Discerning Forces" (2000/2008 Metal Mind Productions/Nuclear Blast Records). A soon to be another classical record in the band's history!
"Mandatory evac" is another onslaught master piece album by Opprobrium, which remains true to their brutal, yet technical death/thrash metal album, with fantastic riffs, guitar solos and vocals, once again by the two Brazilian borne brothers Francis (Vocals, Guitars), and powerful and technical drumming by his brother Moyses (Drums).
Facebookra vele! 7:36pm 29/10/2008, godfucked ^^
SBB returns with a new album!!
SBB, a legend of Polish music scene, returns with a new studio album entitled “Iron Curtain”. The band, compirised of the phenomenal composer Józef Skrzek, the excellent guitarist Apostolis Anthimos and the flawless drummer Gabor Nemeth, plans to support the release with a tour.
SBB’s previous album “The Rock”, released in 2007, was highly acclaimed by both fans and music media. As the title suggests, the band's music on that album is as powerful as a rock. On their forthcoming album “Iron Curtain” the band will show an even rockier side. The new material will also include some more expanded tracks, which are so distinctive of SBB. Józef Skrzek: “The pressure of the modern world is the reason for human oblivion. We are the generation that destroyed the myth of Europe’s ‘iron curtain’. The new sound of SBB is like a mirror of the lives of the barriers’ breakers...” The title of the forthcoming album can be interpreted in many different ways. Józef Skrzek is convinced that the iron curtain still exists, not only as a border between the East and the West, the poor and the rich, but also in the media, which promote so called artists, who are actually far from the real artists who genuinely live their art.
“Iron Curtain” will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 26th January 2009.
Facebookra vele! 7:31pm 29/10/2008, godfucked ^^
Chilean thrash mafia Criminal have uploaded a brand new demo track to their MySpace page. Comments Criminal mastermind Anton Reisenegger (guitar/vocals): “The song in question is 'The Infidel', and it's about – you probably guessed it – religious dogmas and intolerance, and the right to stand up for the fact that THERE IS NO GOD. Musically speaking, it's pretty straight-forward thrash/death with some obvious Slayer influences, but I feel it has enough of our own ideas to make it really original and 100% Criminal! Anyways, this is just one little appetizer, as the material for the record is incredibly varied, ranging from really technical stuff with odd time signatures, to crushing groove monsters, to all-out death metal and everything in between, so be prepared for one hell of a rollercoaster ride!
We might post another demo track within the coming weeks or months just to give you a broader idea of what the new album is going to sound like, but we don't want to give too much away either.”
Facebookra vele! 11:34am 29/10/2008, godfucked ^^
On January 5th, 2009 Swedish Death Metal masters Vomitory will enter Leon Music Studios in Karlstad/Sweden to begin recordings for their seventh (yet untitled) album. Studio owner Rikard Löfgren will once again engineer, partially produce, mix and master the new album like he did with it´s predecessor 'Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize'!
The new album is scheduled for a May 2009 release through Metal Blade Records in Europe. The release date for the US and the rest of the World is not set yet.
Facebookra vele! 10:39am 29/10/2008, godfucked ^^
Reprisal Scars - stream the entire album'Killing Art of Self-Deception', the new album by finnish thrashers Reprisal Scars can now be streamed for one week at the band's myspace site.
'Killing Art of Self-Deception' will be released by Violent Journey Records on the following dates:
Finland & Sweden: Wednesday, November 5, 2008
UK: Monday, November 17, 2008
Facebookra vele! 3:51pm 28/10/2008, godfucked ^^
Aborted on tourPrior to kicking off the Suffer And Die! European tour with Neaera and Textures, death metal butchers Aborted, who released the highly acclaimed “Strychnine.213” album on Century Media this year, present you their contribution to the label’s 20th anniversary 2CD compilation “Covering 20 Years Of Extremes”, which is available in stores NOW! Century Media will share tracks from this special release with you in weekly turns until the end of the year. Check out Aborted’s devastating version of “Playing Dead” by legendary Pennsylvanian hardcore act Turmoil at: Witness some of the best acts of modern extreme metal live on the following dates:
Facebookra vele! 2:45pm 28/10/2008, godfucked ^^
Cerebral Fix reissueCerebral Fix - English thrash/death metal band does not need any special introduction. They became members of the UK thrash metal and death metal scenes by releasing four albums (“Life Sucks... And Then You Die!” 1988, “Tower of Spite” 1990, “Bastards” 1991, “Death Erotica” 1992) before disbanding in 1993. In 2006, the band announced its reformation. In 2007 Metal Mind Productions released a box entitled “Products of Disgust” with the complete discography of Cerebral Fix.
And today Metal Mind Productions presents re-release of the album “Bastards”. Celebral Fix's third studio album was released in 1991 by Roadrunner Records. It featured a guest vocal performance by Blaze Bayley – at the time with Wolfsbane, but soon to be singer with Iron Maiden - and was promoted during a tour with American death metal band, Obituary. New digipack edition includes 7 bonus tracks taken from the bootleg recorded in London. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc, limited to 2000 copies. The re-issue of “Bastards” will be available on 10th November 2008 in Europe and 20th January 2009 in USA (via MVD).
Facebookra vele! 9:28pm 27/10/2008, godfucked ^^
2nd Cypher is coming
Cypher is currently focussing on material for their second album and the new material will certainly hit you like a hammer in the nuts! More brutal, intricate, melodic, yet blunt as hell. The band can’t wait to unleash this monster into the world. No official release date has been set yet, but expect it early 2009! To give all death metal fans a preview of what's to come, Cypher has posted a pre-production version of the song "Then came the flies" at their Myspace page.
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2:36pm 05/02/2018, McFrost1977 ^^
Conversation with Sylvain Bégot, founder of MONOLITHEMONOLITHE in motion
4:09pm 12/01/2017, boymester ^^
 Epic doom metal from greeceLitany - Pyres Of Lamentation (2016)
11:14pm 22/10/2016, farrrkas ^^
Leaves Wither - Branches Break - Roots RemainDoomed - Anna (2016)
10:29pm 26/03/2016, 9000Sanyi ^^
Talk about Black Sabbath, Tourniquet, etc.
Interview with Tourniquet's drummer Ted Kirkpatrick
8:51pm 07/03/2016, 9000Sanyi ^^
Kunal Choksi told about TOMETALInterview with the mainman of Transcending Obscurity
10:50am 22/12/2015, farrrkas ^^
Farewell from stoner metal. The band changed his style.Wheelfall - Glasrew Point (2015)
5:01pm 29/01/2015, GreenWitch ^^
 Amoral interview
08:33am 07/04/2012, godfucked ^^
This interview is about Mindrot, the best doom metal band from the Orange County, California. They disbanded in 1998, but being one of my all-time favourites, I compiled a few questions to singer Adrian Leroux...
Mindrot interview
11:37am 21/11/2011, godfucked ^^
Syriak (guitars/vocals) answered my questions...
Unexpect interview
11:12pm 30/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
This theraphy kills us a different way, it doesn't tore apart our body, rather our souls and minds, then it is amused by its fresh bloody view...Murder Therapy - Molochian [EP] (2011)
1:26pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
Musicwise, the world of the 60s and 70s wave back at us, like an occult hippie gang,,,Year Of The Goat - Lucem Ferre [EP] (2011)
1:15pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
The themes are demanding, the solos are increadibly virtuose ones and the whole image is glowing in the light of 70s and 80s.Vanderbuyst - Vanderbuyst (2011)
1:02pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
Modern and classic doom metal at the same time, which is bleeding from a thousand wounds but the incisions on the veins don't weaken it...Castle - In Witch Order (2011)
8:34pm 05/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
 When I call something a tough birth, it has really been a torturous round. We could have used different lubricant and an assful of products which would probably have eased the torture, but I didn't choose that way.Goat the Head interview
8:42pm 04/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
So only a little disappointment I sense, personally, since I see more in the band and I expected a more experimental vibe. :}Aenaon - Cendres Et Sang (2011)
6:37pm 04/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
It's a varied and colourful debut with its metallic monstrosity, full of leds, which will surely grant some pleasant minutes to those fans...Absurdity - D:\Evolution (2011)
4:48pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
...though their initial identity streams blood and darkness.Sanctus Infernum - Martyr (2009)
4:35pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
...this chasm would smoothly be able to swallow the human soul, however we could hear more profound spaces compared to this before, although the selfish reincarnation of sucking in stands for this situation as well and it's evident & obvious.Ophis - Withered Shades (2010)
4:16pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
It's full of pain, murmuring Hell and a big load of occult grime which forces you into your own marsh!The Dead - Ritual Executions (2010)
1:04pm 29/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
...along with some post-metal, not to mention the high mounds of the doom of the '80s, then you'll enjoy EOS's mammoth-weight journey from the first minute to the last!Talbot - EOS (2010)
11:38pm 16/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Post-rock dreams...Catacombe - Kinetic (2010)
11:23pm 16/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Sludgecore infections and others...Gospel of the Future - The Eclipse (2010)
6:49pm 12/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Neurotic post-core...A Cold Dead Body - Harvest Years (2010)
7:26pm 08/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Blood-squash is this garden... Blood-fuming roses' garden...
Imbalance - Period Three Implies Chaos (2010)
2:04pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
The thousand faces of death...Spheron - To Dissect Paper [EP] (2010)
1:55pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
 Dutch death metal's style...Victimizer - Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity (2011)
1:44pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Destructive mourning black cavalryman...Benighted in Sodom - Reverse Baptism (2011)
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